Joining the Association

LVT 801 and P&W 401 Volunteers in Restoration Shop

Anyone interested is invited to become a member of the Electric City Trolley Museum Association. You may choose from the membership categories listed below:

Membership Classes And Annual Dues

Sustaining - $25 Annual Dues

Sustaining members receive a personalized annual membership pass, the Association's newsletter, notices of special events, and all privileges of membership. Sustaining members must be 18 years or older.

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Associate - $20 Annual Dues

Associate members receive an annual pass, the Association's newsletter, and notices of special events. Associate members must be over 10 years of age, and must have parental approval and supervision if under 18.

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Family - $35 Annual Dues

A Family Membership confers sustaining membership to eligible members of the family and associate membership to those under 18 years of age. Only one newsletter is sent per family. Please list names of family members on reverse side of application.

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Members are certainly not required to participate in our many projects, but are encouraged to do so!

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