H J Adamcik Photo Collection

Work Cars and Miscellaneous Views

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Philadelphia had a large and varied work car fleet.

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 PRT 2935 - Woodland barn  PTC C-109 - Frankford barn
 PTC C-118  PTC C-147 - Frankford barn
 PTC C-2  PTC C-45 - Luzerne barn
 PTC C-70  PTC D-34 - Ridge barn
 PTC D-37 - Woodland  PTC D-38 - Luzerne
 PTC D-7 - Ash car, Frankford  PTC E-201 - Rotary snow plow, Luzerne 5-25-47
 PTC E-203 - Frankford  PTC F-10 - Callowhill barn
 PTC F-24 - Ridge barn  PTC Former Mail car
 PTC Frankford barn  PTC K-5 - Southern barn
 PTC O-1 - City plow, Frankford  PTC P-16 - Callowhill barn 11-1-49
 PTC S-1 - Sand car  PTC U-30 - Luzerne
 PTC U-31 - Frankford yard  PTC W-27 - Luzerne barn 4-16-50
 PTC W-37 - Luzerne barn  PTC W-51 -Frankford barn

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